subject: "2015 Fall Season"
HFFA Commissioner

Sep 11, 2015
3:47 PM

Welcome back all to another season. I have some reminders, as well as some news to pass along. So, without further ado...

Come Sunday managers, please have your rosters filled out and signed by your players. I intend on keeping the rosters open for additions until September 27th. Also, for the managers who have not turned in the player conduct form, this will need to be signed by you and given to me before your 1st game. Make certain you come with both of these items!

We, as an Association, now have a Facebook page. Feel free to check it out and post pictures or videos. I will continue to use the website for schedules, results, postponements, and my lengthy rambles, but will also try to incorporate the Facebook page with similar info. If I feel that the page becomes a platform or a soapbox for you to stand on and bash the league, other players, or officials, you will be removed from the page, and possibly the league, depending upon my discretion.

A FYI note and fact, we do not have goalposts to start the season. The City of Harrisonburg owned the goalposts and moved them to Ramblewood, due to the fact that Harrisonburg Youth Football is practicing there. I`m waiting to hear from the powers that be, to find out when or if we can get them back. So, for at least the 1st Sunday of the season, you will have to use a run or pass play for your extra points, and either "going for it" or punting on 4th down. Sorry for that bad news.

To end on a good note, we have 10 teams this season. We will have an 8 week regular season and 2 weeks of playoffs. The top 8 teams will make the playoffs. I`m looking forward in seeing everyone this Sunday. And remember, have fun! I know everyone wants to win, but have fun doing it. Continue to make the league a good one, and let us all try harder to make it a better one. And now, I`m off my soapbox! Good Luck to all!


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